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The certificate records all the relevant information pertaining to the diamond including carat weight, color grade, clarity grade, measurements, and physical properties, as well as plotting diagrams.

A diamond certificate from EGL International means your diamond has been subjected to highly scientific evaluation by a distinguished team of gemologists using state-of-the-art instrumentation and computer technology to assure you the most accurate assessment of the diamond you are buying. The laboratory environment and grading process is virtually impossible to duplicate anywhere else.

When you are ready to buy a diamond, remember to ask your jeweler about the 5th C - the EGL Certificate, which identifies and evaluates specific characteristics that determine the value of the diamond you select.

The pricing of polished diamonds is primarily a function of weight, color,and clarity with allowance made for the "make" and the finish.

  • Clarity indicates the presence/absence of blemishes and inclusions.
  • Color is graded on a scale of D to Z.
  • A carat, which is a unit equal to 0.200 gm., indicates weight.

Diamond Grading Courses, available in Israel and also as correspondence courses, are both theoretical and practical. They cover a wide range of subjects, from the formation of the rough through to the pricing of the polished, with emphasis on the practical grading of diamonds.

EGL Gemology Schools offer professionals, jewelers, and gem enthusiasts an unparalled opportunity to expand their knowledge and experience. The courses are conducted in several languages by a dynamic team of dedicated gemologists whose goal is to provide intensive practical work resulting in a high level of competence and experience.

Upon completion of the studies and following a final examination, EGL will award the students and internationally recognized EGL Diploma.

Diamond "Laserscript" Service

Laser inscription (which is visible only under10X magnification) is a new service now being offered by EGL to its clients, through the auspices of the D.L.A. Company. The weight, color, clarity, the EGL Certificate Number, a name, "I love you" or any combination of identifying details can be inscribed on the girdle of the stone. For more information, contact Guy Benhamou at your convenience.

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