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Diamonds is a multi-faceted business; and, with the advent of the internet, it has seemingly become less personal. This is not the case, and, with your help, we'd like to have the chance to prove it. Our goal is to bring you a website that will not only be a valuable asset and resource, but also a forum for your thoughts and interests.

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    During the past few years, we've been asked a number of times to publish an international edition of our Keyguide Directory for the Global Diamond Industry and Trade. Now, with the internet, we have been given the ultimate opportunity to accomplish this.

For your convenience, we've developed a form to help us continue with this endeavor. When the form is displayed, you'll be able to request information about linking your site, plus offer suggestions, send us information about your diamond history, etc.

Although you may prefer to use simple e-mail, phone, fax, or letter, we ask you to take an extra minute and click on the information/request button to access the form.

Question and Request Form

Interested in adding information about your company to our site? Don't hesitate to contact us. Just click here to e-mail us at keynet@shani.net.


Quite a lot of time, energy , and effort has gone into putting together the links and data on www.cometogetherauction.org. Although the information in its format is copyrighted, it's okay from our point of view if you would like to copy some of the data for reference on your site.

We have only one request. Please have the courtesy to give Keyguide Ltd. and www.cometogetherauction.org the credits for the referral; and, for that, we thank you in advance.


You are welcome to link to www.cometogetherauction.org/calendar from your website; however, a great deal of time and thought has gone into the design, format, and compilation of all of the information.

Therefore, the following proviso has become a necessity.
  • All images, text, and information on the trade show, holiday, and calendar pages of the www.diamond.key website are for reference purposes.
  • They are for viewing only while you are on the cometogetherauction.org website.
  • They may be printed for personal reference. They may not to be downloaded,copied, or appropriated (in any way) for publication or for any other purposes.
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cometogetherauction.org is designed to help trade professionals gain access to relevant data and information which has been compiled from sources deemed to be accurate. Functioning only as a service to the diamond industry and trade, it is not to be considered an endorsement of (nor recommendation for) products and services identified.

Please visit and evaluate each site for yourselves, as cometogetherauction.org can make no representation as to the completeness, reliability, and/or validity of individual links.
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