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We invite your attention to these diamond companies in Israel.

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  Apple Diamonds Ltd.
Apple Diamonds Ltd., established in 1984 by Marcel Apfelbaum and Shahnaz (Sunny) Shasha, is a very specialized buying/service office that offers you the competitive edge: the advantage of maximum exposure to the total production of the Israeli market.

Consistently listed among the top exporters of polished, the office buys or manufactures strictly according to their client's requirements - in all sizes, qualities, colors and cuts - rounds and fancies - and fancy color diamonds. The company also offers the full service of measurements and calibrated sizes (fancies and rounds), and their consistent assortments allow them to handle fax and e-mail orders which constitute 30% of their annual turnover.

Experts in the Japanese market, and well acquainted with the American, Australian and Asian markets, they are currently expanding into the European market. They speak English, French, Hebrew, Japanese, German, Dutch, Yiddish, Arabic, and Persian fluently. If you should have any questions, please contact Marcel Apfelbaum, Norbert Tyberg, and Sunny Shasha who will be pleased to help you in any way that they can.

Tel: (972-3) 575-0202. Fax: (972-3) 575-0203  E-mail:

Avnit Diamonds
Avraham Bernat's hands-on approach to diamond manufacturing starting with buying the rough and continuing through the entire polishing process - is only one of the reasons for the success of Avnit Diamonds.

The "personal touch" and "unbeatable service" are also important factors in the way that the principals have developed their company. Avnit's interesting website will give you a good picture of how Bernat works together with his wife, Ilana, and their daughter and son in a sophisticated diamond family business.

Avnit Diamonds (founded in 1965) manufactures perfect "make" marquise, pearshapes, and ovals, from 0.20 up to 4.00 carats, in a number of qualities to satisfy the individual markets in the United States, the Far East, and Europe. Their precisely sorted stock is consistent - as their aim is to insure total customer satisfaction and make reordering easy.

The company also manufactures rounds from 1/2 carat and up.

Tel: (972-3) 575-0893  Fax: (972-3) 575-0204  E-mail:

Belisdiam Ltd.
Belisdiam Ltd. is part of the international company, H. Brachfeld & Sons, which was established in Belgium in 1923. The company specializes in rounds and fancies, 0.25 to 5.00 carats, in a wide selection of colors and qualities suitable for all markets including the Far East, the USA, and Europe.

For flexibility in production, smaller sizes are manufactured at their factory in Malaysia; intermediate and larger sizes are cut at their factories in South Africa and Israel. The far superior Brachfeld - Belisdiam "make" rivals that of the Russians, but at more competitive prices.

Dr. Raphy Hemmendinger and Ami Parter, who supervise all of the business in Israel - both polished and rough, promise you their "top of the line" personal service including that of a buying office on the market at the Israel Diamond Exchange.

Tel:(972-3) 575-8262  Fax:(972-3) 575-8268

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Espeka Israel Ltd.
Espeka Israel is a well known sightholder. Established in 1982, the company is one of the largest manufacturers of rounds (0.01 carat to 0.75 carats) in Israel. By manufacturing its smaller goods in China, Espeka is able to offer fine quality at competitive prices.

Philippe Sussholz is Espeka Israel's Director and CEO. Abraham Fluk is the company's Director and CFO. Motti Amit is the manager of the sales department. Rachel Mann handles sales for the United States. Philippe Freilich and Eli Guttwirth work closely with clients both in Israel and abroad.

Tel: (972-3) 575-2116. Fax: (972-3) 575-0219

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Flanders Diamond (Israel)
Flanders Diamond is a partnership between Moti Ganz Diamonds and the prestigious Japanese company, Kuwayama Europe. The new company perfected the Flanders Brilliant® (that was "born" in Antwerp) which combines the best of 2 shapes: the scintillating fire of a round with the fashionable shape of a square.

Using only the finest rough, the cutting process demands the precise skills of a diamond artisan to capture the beauty of the round's brilliance in this unique 62 faceted octagonal square cut. Diamond sizes range from 0.10 to 5.00 carats in a variety of qualities.

Taking a direct route from the sightholder/manufacturer to the international retail jewelry market, the Flanders Brillant® is protected by international patent and copyright laws. The girdle is laser-inscripted with the FBD logo, the weight, and the diamond's registration number.

Tel: (972-3) 575- 2218  Fax: (972-3) 575-1210  E-mail:pending

Moti Ganz Diamonds
Moti Ganz Diamond Manufacturers, established in 1960, received the Outstanding Exporter Award in 1987 and has been a De Beer's sightholder since 1990. Along with the office and factories in Israel, the company has representative offices in the USA, Osaka, and Hong Kong.

The company manufactures a steady supply of a wide selection of rounds and fancies, in fixed gradings, ranging from 0.20 to 3.00 carats - in their two factories (one of which is an automated diamond polishing plant and the other cuts the "Excellent Cut" for the Japanese market).

Qualities and methods of polishing are adapted to the target markets: VS to pique - fine make for the United States; VVS-VS for Hong Kong; and VS to pique - good, very good, and excellent make for Japan.

The company also has a Stud Earring and Solitaire jewelry program, using rounds, marquise, heartshapes, princess, pearshapes, and trilliants.

Tel: (972-3) 575-2218  Fax: (972-3) 575-1210

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Gembel Ltd.
Gembel Ltd., a sightholder and leading manufacturer, polishes a wide range of rounds (from 100 per carat to 3.00 carats), and offers different types of assortments suitable for all markets.

The production from the Israeli factory is of all sizes from 1/6 per carat and up, including all large sizes. The "make" is very good. The Ramat Gan office also offers an excellent choice of goods from India and a wide range of rough for both the Israeli and Indian markets.

Gembel is known for its style of personal service, originated by Kirtilal Manilal Mehta, the family's patriarch, who started polishing and trading diamonds in Israel in the early 1960's. His grandson, Chetan, has continued the business in his late grandfather's footsteps.

Tel: (972-3) 575-0732/4. Fax: (972-3) 575-0670

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G.N.N. Diamonds
Are you looking for personalized, professional, expert service in fancies? GNN specializes in custom made diamonds, measured to perfection, time after time after time; and, Haim Giladi and Pini Netzer say that "mass produced-custom made" is not a contradiction in terms.

The system developed as an answer to the requirements of European watch and jewelry manufacturers to get large orders of identical and exact cuts. GNN is a leading manufacturer of princess, baguettes, tapers, squares (carres), and other small fancies including marquise, heartshapes, triangles, pearshapes, ovals, special cuts, and unusual angles.

Tel: (972-3) 575-0340. Fax: (972-3) 575-3998


Lustig Brothers Ltd.
Lustig LinkLustig Brothers Ltd., established in 1941, is known for its vast selection of goods and consistent assortments. A major De Beers sightholder since 1942, all Israeli manufacturing takes place in their own diamond factories in Netanya. By outsourcing in the Far East, the company can be flexible with the small goods that they manufacture and prices are very competitive.

The company polishes rounds 20 per carat to 2.00 carats, WS to I2, collection to silver cape (D-P) colors, with two grades of "make" - the regular Israeli make and the very fine (like Belgian) top make.

Their wide range of fancies includes marquise, pearshape, oval, baguettes (long and short shapes), princess, emeralds, heartshapes and triangles.

Click here or image at start of this listing to access Lustig Brothers Home Page.

Tel: (972-3) 751-1191. Fax: (972-3) 752-8220

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M. Schnitzer & Co.
At M. Schnitzer and Co., they are proud of their warm, close relationships with their clients: "Our greatest asset is our clients our friends." A traditional family business, the partnership between Moshe Schnitzer, his son, Shmuel, and his son-in-law, Asher Gertler crosses three generations with many of their clients.

As sightholders, with a direct supply of rough from the CSO, they manufacture all qualities, colors, and shapes; therefore, they are able to work with each market and its speciality.

Tel: (972-3) 575-1188. Fax: (972-3) 575-2479

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A. Schwartz & Sons
With offices in Ramat Gan, the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, China, Germany, Italy, and Turkey, A. Schwartz & Son is the address for rounds and fancies from 0.05 points to 5.00 carats.

Consistent reliable assortments, flexibility in production, and an extensive inventory of the most popular goods in demand on the market, make the company an excellent direct source for a wide range of colors - with an extensive selection of commercial, top silver, and silver.

Sightholders since 1959 and leading manufacturers who have received the Outstanding Exporter Award twice, Uri Schwartz has expanded the business his father started, and, today, his son has joined him. The company is a modern day example of the traditional diamond business - a combination of a young dynamic staff, offices all over the world, salesmen who travel abroad to visit clients, and a marketing team that participates in approximately 20 exhibitions and trade shows during the year.

Tel: (972-3) 575-2549  Fax: (972-3) 575-1392  E-mail:

Ubex Diamonds
Ubex Diam is the Ubex Group's center of operations and its polished diamond trading division. In business for only 5 years, since 1993, Ubex Diam was awarded the Outstanding Exporter Award for 1998. The company has a factory and works with subcontractors in Israel, operates 4 factories in Russia, and subcontracts in Armenia and the Ukraine.

Ubex Diam's founder, Itzhak Bannai, who also serves as president, entered the diamond industry, 16 years ago, following graduate studies in political science at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The company's managing directory, Yossi Kuzi, a retired Air Force officer, joined the business after a successful career in the high tech industry.

Their Ramat Gan office is considered a virtual "supermarket" for the wide range of goods which they manufacture with their special high quality Russian make: rounds and all fancy shapes, from 0.05 to 3.00 carats, all clarities and colors.

Tel: (972-3) 575-2532 Fax: (972-3) 575-2076 E-mail:

Waldman Diamond Company WDC Group
Operating in Israel for 25 years, the WDC Group's Diamond Exchange office coordinates the company's global network, its entire polished production, and its rough purchasing and selling activities. The company's president, Alex Waldman, is rightfully proud of the Group's achievement, this year, of doubling their 1998 exports to more than $43 million dollars and their upward placement (14th) on the Outstanding Exports List for 1999.

WDC manufactures from 0.10-5.00 carat, fine "make", in both white and off-color, in all qualities. The company stocks over 350 main assortments, always consistently assorted and available through its offices or via their web site. The company has a state of the art diamond cutting facility in Ramat-Gan; smaller goods are produced overseas to maintain a strong position in this important category. The company also has a rough department in Ramat Gan where they both buy and sell rough.

The Israeli office is considered a "home away from home" for its Japanese buyers; and, through its sales offices in New York and Tokyo, its buying offices in Europe and Asia, and its representative in China, the WDC GROUP also has a significant international presence, operating its "Global Reach Personal Touch"™ in all major diamond markets.

Tel: (+972-3) 613-1534/5; (+972-3) 575-3214 Fax: (972-3) 575-6769   e-mail:

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