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We invite your attention to these diamond companies in Belgium.

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  Diamex Manufacturing N.V.
Under the leadership of the Beller family, whose diamond experience dates from several generations, two major diamond firms, Diamex N.V. and B and D Manufacturing, have formed a merger, this year.

Combining the activities of both companies under one roof, the idea was to improve their already well known customer service.

Diamex Manufacturing manufactures "fine make" diamonds in Belgium, and also imports all kinds of goods from Russia; therefore, they can meet all your requirements for rounds and fancies, from full-cut up to 5 carat, with the guarantee with the guarantee of accurate grading and a consistent inventory.

Tel: (32 3) 234.35.36  Fax: (32 3) 222.96.20

K. Einhorn Diamonds
Sightholders since 1960, K. Einhorn Diamonds is committed to manufacturing a steady production of a full range of polished -small goods to large sizes, rounds and fancies, white to off-color from clean to pique.

The founder of the company, Kurt Einhorn, works together with his partner, Maurice Pienica, and Maurice's son, David.

You can count on this Antwerp office for its efficiency and reliability; and, of course,the inventories and wide assortments that they maintain for their clients, including their specialty: large sizes from 2.00 to 10.00 carats.

Tel: (323)233.38.64  Fax: (323)232.50.52

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Gembel N.V.    Kay Diamonds N.V.
Relying on the warm, personal, professional service that they have become accustomed to, throughout the years, clients have placed their trust in the capable hands of Rashmi Mehta and Prabodh Mehta at Gembel N.V. and Kay Diamonds N.V.

As major manufacturers of a wide range of goods, the company offers many different assortments of polished diamonds, both from India and the production from their Israeli factory.

The Antwerp office, which receives a dealer sight from De Beers, is well known for its fine selection and wide range of rough suitable for all markets.

Tel: (32-3)231.48.15.  Fax: (32-3)234.05.39

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Lustig Brothers Belgium N.V.
The Lustig Brothers office, Lustig Brothers Belgium N.V., is located in Antwerp in the Diamant Beurs, Suite 1203.

Sightholders since 1942, the company polishes from 20 per carat to 2.00 carats, WS to I2, collection to silver cape (D-P) colors. Known for their consistent assortments, they polish round goods with 2 grades of "make" the regular Israeli make and the very fine (like Belgian) top make.

They also polish a wide range of fancy cuts including marquise,pearshape, oval, baguettes (long and short shapes), princess,emeralds, heartshapes and triangles.

Tel: (32-3) 232-9620. Fax: (32-3) 233-7346

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Shivani Gems Inc.
"Our service is our strength."

Shivani Gems Inc. has been exclusively cutting marquise and pearshapes for more than 25 years; and, as they have focused on only these 2 shapes, they are able to carry one of the largest inventories of well-cut marquise and pear shapes in the world.

Whether you are looking to make an exquisite piece of jewelry or making price point jewelry, they probably have the marquise and pear shape diamonds that you need. They can prepare your order as per your instructions: by color, clarity, calibrated sizes, or by specific weight ranges. All orders are shipped immediately for overnight delivery.

Throughout the world, Shivani Gems has only one objective: to provide their clients with the best service in supplying marquise and pear shapes.

With offices in Antwerp, Bangkok, Tokyo, New York, and their newest office in Tel-Aviv, Shivani Gems is able to supply your company with what you need fast. For contact names and addresses please visit:

Ubex Diamonds
The Ubex Group was founded in Antwerp, in 1989, as a trading office for polished diamonds that were manufactured in Russia by subcontractors.

Today, Ubex Diamonds, located at Lange Herensestraat 62, acts as a service office offering a full range of goods from the company's Russian and Israeli production for the European market.

Tel: (32-3) 226-6662 Fax: (32-3) 226-6533

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